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Domestic Violence

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Each client’s matter is unique. The results of any matter are determined by the relevant facts and applicable law. Past results are not a guarantee that your matter will be resolved similarly to the clients who provided testimonials.

Facing a DV Charge in Washington State?

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  • Geoff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very responsive and did a good job with my case. Read On

  • Geoff is by far the best lawyer I’ve ever worked with. He’s obviously well respected and knows the community. He’s extremely good communicator; nearly always accessible or very prompt replies. He did an excellent job of setting reasonable expectations of what the process was, helping me get things done before the court forced m... Read On

  • "I was truly at the bottom of my life when we first met, and I can't tell you how much your straightforward, practical advice helped. I'm so thankful that I followed your advice, and I'm of course, delighted with the outcomes you were able to accomplish on my behalf. Such outcomes don't happen without diligent, thorough, hard work - and you cert... Read On

  • Geoff Burg is an awesome lawyer! Once he took my case, I received frequent communication from him via text, phone, and email, and felt secure that he was actively working towards our goal: case dismissal. He was knowledgeable and informed me of all my options and possible outcomes, including those negative. In the end, he was successful, getting... Read On

  • Finding myself in legal trouble was traumatic, to say the least, but the moment I walked into Geoffrey Burg’s office his demeanor put me at ease. I interviewed other attorneys and chose Mr. Burg because of his track record, professionalism, and likeable nature. These qualities proved infallible when my case went to trial where he represented me ... Read On

  • I was in a really bad situation where I felt guilty until proven innocent, and if it wasn’t for Geoff’s having even more knowledge of the law then the judge did, and his great white shark like agression. I probably would’ve been found guilty of something I didn’t do. Thanks Geoff! Read On

  • "I wanted to thank you for shepherding us through this situation with our son. It is a difficult but necessary learning experience for all of us. Knowing that we have your counsel and expertise is a great comfort, and for that we are truly grateful.” Read On

  • Personally and Professionally there is none better than Patricia. Within minutes of my consultation call she relaxed my stressed mind by informing me of the penalties I could face and then the path that we would pursue. She totally took charge of my case and kept me informed of its status. Her experience and diligence as my defense attorney resu... Read On

  • "I am in appreciation of your quick thinking on your feet, thank you so much for being there for me. ... I am very impressed with your legal counsel and positive actions in the courtroom, thanks again.” Read On

  • Mr. Burg did an outstanding job with my case and was able to reach our goal of dismissing many of the charges. He always kept me up to speed on everything and gave me personal updates by phone instead of just sending me information by mail or email. I would recommend him for any case and plan on using him in the future (although hopefully i wont... Read On

  • I would highly recommend Geoffrey Burg. Geoffrey handled my case effectively and efficiently and achieved the best possible results given my situation. Mr. Burg’s experience and expertise in his field allowed me to consider all options before taking the appropriate course of action. Prior to retaining Geoff, I interviewed several acclaimed... Read On

  • If you’re reading this posting, you or someone you know is probably in a tough spot. After recently having my first experience with the legal system, I can sympathize with how you’re feeling. You’re probably scared, upset with yourself, and unsure what your next step should be. Nonetheless, you need to be proactive right now. Speaking from exper... Read On

  • I would Highly recommend Geoff!!!!! Geoffrey Burg was a GODSEND During this time of turmoil in my life. Geoff was very professional and client oriented. He was straight forward and very hands on in relation to my case. He was very knowledgeable about the law. As soon as i stepped into his office and spoke with him the first time,having interview... Read On

  • Geoffrey Burg & his firm’s legal support throughout my first (& hopefully last), defendant experience within our legal system, from first contact through final settlement, was outstanding. They provided top quality legal advice & guidance, with patience and understanding, helping make the experience less frightening and much ea... Read On

  • Was charged with a criminal offense involving domestic violence. It was a first offense and I needed support. I contacted Patricia based upon her very professional website and I discovered an attorney who did more than expected in defending me. Patricia Fulton is terrific and I don't believe she charged me enough for the difference she made. Th... Read On

  • Geoff helped me out so much. I would recommend him to anyone. Read On

  • My previous experience with a lawyer was not a pleasant one. I felt that my case did not get the attention that it deserved. So when I got arrested a second time I was very cautious in hiring the right person for my case. After going through the legal process for a second time I know that Geoffrey Burg was exactly the type of lawyer I was lookin... Read On

  • Geoff is an amazing lawyer. A good friend recommended him and it was the best decision I made. He’s very understanding. His knowledge of the law and what to expect makes you feel very comfortable from the very beginning. He was able to reduce my charges dramatically. Read On

  • I have engaged Geoff on 2 occasions to represent me and in both cases he won. Geoff was very straightforward to deal with, very honest, his fees never changed and he really fought for me. He is the kind of lawyer that you want on your side!! He never asked me to take an early plea deal, fought the case in the manner a client would want and kept ... Read On

  • Geoff did a fantastic job with my case. He was very responsive to all my questions and did a great job in the court room as well. I will certain recommend him to my friends. Read On

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